Terms and conditions / Indemnity

‍Tour Booking

‍By submitting your booking form and paying the tour deposit you accept these terms and conditions of the tour run by The Island Ride - a company registered in the Republic of Mauritius as The Island Ride LTD (“The Island Ride”) and you participant (Rider and / or Passenger). This contract will be deemed to exist once The Island Ride confirms availability for a specific tour and for the number of riders, pillions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Payment and Reservations

‍If your reservation is made on a booking platform, a payment of 100% of the value of the tour is required.
Once this is received your trip with The Island Ride will be secure. If you made your reservation through phone, e-mail or other communication means such as instant messengers. A Paypal invoice or an EFT can be sent to you prior to the date for the total payment or payment can also be done at the counter.

Cancellation and Refunds

‍Written notice of cancellations received between 2 and 1 weeks prior to departure will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the tour deposit.
Cancellations received less than 1 week prior to tour departure will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of tour cost.
We recommend the customer obtain trip cancellation insurance from an insurance company.

Indemnity & Disclaimer

Every participant is required to accept and sign the “indemnification” section of this document before the start of the tour.


‍One motorcycle from a fleet, a Honda CBF 600 SA or Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom, will be provided as part of the tour.
In the unlikely event of a non-repairable mechanical breakdown we will have the vehicle towed back to our premises and arrange a shuttle back for you, free of charge. This will lead to the termination of the tour. You will then be eligible for a refund or free booking for a similar tour within the next few days as a replacement.

A refundable “safety deposit” of EUR 700 (or MUR 33,600) will be needed per motorcycle booked or you can purchase the “deposit waiver” at EUR 50 (or MUR 2,400) that will make the “safety deposit” not needed.
In case the motorcycle is dropped or enters in collision with a third party, because of the Rider’s fault and should there be damage or loss to the vehicle itself, or the provided equipment (helmet, riding jacket, balaclava, riding gloves, helmet communicators, ignition keys, vehicle luggage system), the “safety deposit” will not be refunded by The Island Ride. If the “deposit waiver” was purchased, this will cover for the expenses.

No other expenses will be charged to you. All of the vehicles are insured on “all driver” third party liability policies.

Personal Accident Insurance

‍The applicant will be solely responsible for adequate personal and accident insurance cover while on a The Island Ride tour.
The Island Ride accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your person or property whatsoever.
Should an accident occur, The Island Ride will be there for you to arrange/organize appropriate care by the competent services.


‍The Island Ride assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivering luggage to tour participants, luggage stored on the motorcycles or in our premises are at the participant’s own risk.

Protective Clothing

‍Mauritian law requires that all riders and pillions wear an approved crash helmet when riding motorcycles.
A full-face DOT (Department of Transportation, USA) and / or ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) compliant helmet, including a helmet communicator, along with a breathable motorcycle face mask, riding gloves and a riding jacket will be provided to all participants for the tour.
We highly recommend the use of sturdy shoes or boots and riding trousers.
‍No participants will be allowed to start the tour without wearing trousers and shoes.‍

General Riding, Traffic Regulations

During the tour we will encounter road surfaces of varying quality. The tour guide will conduct a route and safety briefing at the beginning of each tour noting any particular hazards that are expected to be encountered.
The motorcycles will be inspected by the tour guide at the beginning and end of each tour. It is the Rider’s responsibility to abide by the legal traffic regulations at all times when riding and it will be solely the Rider’s responsibility should you infringe such regulations.

Riders participating to the tour are doing so at their own risk and are legally liable for injury or damage to fellow participants or other road users, in case the fault was committed from them.

Each Rider must ride within their own skill level and with due care and consideration for their own safety and that of fellow riders and other road users.

Riders must follow the direction of the tour guide who reserves the right to terminate a Rider’s handling of the motorcycle if he feels that the client is unsafe to themselves or others.

Any traffic fines which may be incurred by the Rider for whatsoever offence will be the Rider’s responsibility to pay.

The tour guide will ride in first position at all times and communicate with you at all times through the helmet communicators.

Rider’s Licenses

‍By registering for the The Island Ride tour and agreeing to these terms and conditions the Rider declares that she or he has or will have the necessary license and competence to handle a large-capacity (500cc and above) motorcycle on these roads with adequate levels of care and safety. Riders must bring their own license (for motorcycles over 500cc) and have them on hand at all times on the tour.

An International Motorcycle Rider’s License is recommended but not essential if your original license is printed in English or French. Your driving license number will be registered on this form before the start of the tour, in case of emergency.

Special Requests

‍If you have any special requests, (allergies, diet, etc.) please let us know before the tour starts.

What is NOT included

‍(Please refer to your tour itinerary for specific exclusions)
• Accident / holiday / travel – insurances.
• Flights to and from the start and end points of the tour.
• Transfer to and from the airport.
• Meals
• Fines for motoring offences.
• All personal expenditure.
• Any additional expenses not included in the tour itinerary
• Accommodation before and after the tour dates
• Reserve and sightseeing entry fees.
• Personal Insurance (Accident/Medical).
• Any additional riding gear not listed in the “Protective Clothing” section.

What IS included

(Please refer to your tour itinerary for specific inclusions)
• Your vehicle - a Honda CBF 600 SA or Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom from a fleet.
• Helmets, helmet communicators, riding jackets, riding gloves and balaclavas.
• Fuel (unless otherwise indicated on the tour webpage or custom itinerary).
• Tour guide’s experience and support.
• Motorcycle Insurance.
• Hard luggage attached to the motorcycles.
• Water and soft drinks brought with us on the tour.

The Island Ride – Obligations

‍The Island Ride is responsible for providing and arranging the itinerary and services as described and depicted on The Island Ride’s website or printed materials or as per customized quotation.
The Island Ride is responsible for travel preparation and reserves the right to change and/or improve without notice its tour content and adapt to changing conditions and situations as they may arise.
The Island Ride will however endeavor to adhere to advertised itineraries.

‍Motorcycle return

‍Barring mechanical failure of the motorbike, it is the rider’s responsibility that the motorbike reaches the destination.
In the event the motorcycle cannot be ridden back to our premises, we can provide a crash or damage recovery service at Rs.5 per kilometer charged to the rider.

‍Indemnification of The Island Ride LTD.

‍The undersigned accepts that riding a motorcycle is generally considered to be a risk.
The Island Ride is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to your physical person or property.
The Island Ride is not responsible for loss of life, limb or any other injury of whatever nature.
The Island Ride cannot be held responsible for ‘Acts of God’ or conditions beyond its control.

Acknowledgment of Responsibilities

Tour participants acknowledge reading, accepting and signing this The Island Ride Terms and Conditions Form.
This form includes indemnification of The Island Ride as described within it.