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Your Mauritian Experience
on Two Wheels

Picture yourself cruising along the picturesque landscapes of Mauritius, warm air blowing in your face, with an excitement in your heart that only a motorcycle can light up.

That's exactly why we created The Island Ride.

Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast or a seeker of completely new experiences, your journey of discovery of our little tropical island lost in the Indian Ocean awaits.

What is The Island Ride?

Born from a deep passion for motorcycles and a profound love for our native island, our family-owned service was born in 2019 with a rather simple idea, essentially: to bring together motorcycle enthusiasts and adventurers, irrespective of their riding experience.

It's not just a trip from A to B; we invite you to join us in a narrative that’s constantly unfolding. Our history is rich and multicultural, and we're offering you do discover it with us the best way we know how.

All of our tours are tailored to your wishes and interests specifically, every single time.

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No license, no problem! 
Join our Tours also as a Passenger.

Think you need a motorcycle license to enjoy The Island Ride? Think again.

We offer the flexibility for you to join our tours as a passenger as well, even if it's your first time.

We designed an inclusive service of guided tours, for everyone!

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Predefined Tours

The Biker's Sunday

Starting at €174
Most wanted

Distance: 200 KM - 125 MI

Highlights: Coastal roads, Le Morne Brabant, Blue Bay, Chamarel, Ganga Talao.

Experience: A ride in the South and South-West of the island with the best it has to offer.

A trip mostly on coastal roads with some well-known photo stops, from the World Heritage site of Le Morne Brabant to the marine reserve of Blue Bay and through the twisty mountain roads of Chamarel leading to the ritual site of Ganga Talao.
‍This itinerary is where you’ll find most of the bikers that are out for a spin during the weekends… and for a reason!

To the Old Capital

Starting at €216
Best price

Distance: 250 KM - 155 MI

Tall tree forest, Mahébourg, Old Grand Port, Devil’s Point.

Experience: Very similar to the first trip, with a twist.
Using a slightly different way up the mountain roads through a tall tree forest we get back on the first route in Chamarel.

Later departing from Blue Bay, we proceed further up on the East coast, through the picturesque old town of Mahébourg, followed by our former capital city - Old Grand Port - dating back to the Dutch times.

The azimuth is then set on the Devil’s Point, overseeing the site of an historical naval battle, whose tale is still told on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The Better-Half

Starting at €240

Distance: 270 KM - 165 MI

Wild South, East Coast, Bras d’Eau, Curepipe, Chamarel.

Experience: Start off this tour like the previous two, following the coast line proceeding to the wild South and then to the even more remote East.
That area feels like it was lost in time, through small fishermen villages and where sometimes, the only thing between sugar cane fields and the sea is the road!

From our farthest stop near the national park of Bras d’Eau, we cut through the island - including a few kilometres on the motorway - then comes the old town of Curepipe, from which we get back to the coast through mountain roads and - the very unique - Chamarel.

The Full Loop

Starting at €270

Distance: 300 KM - 185 MI

Entire coastline, urban areas, go around the entire island.

Experience: This tour was definitely designed for the achievers !
On this one, we literally go around the island, as much as possible on the coast line.

From remote places to high-density urban roads, you’ll see it all.
Contrary to the other tours, this time we start it clockwise, proceeding Northbound instead, to avoid traffic jams of the afternoon. Expect a more constant rhythm to be back to the shop before nightfall.

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Or Create Your Own Custom Adventure

Tailor-Made Routes

Hungry for something that is off the existing menu? Whether you crave the serenity of hidden beaches or the thrill of mountain curves, we design a route that’s just for you.

Personalized Experience

Want to make stops for local cuisine, dive into cultural landmarks, or just find the best spots for photos? Let us know, and we'll incorporate your interests to make the tour truly yours.

Seamless Planning

Concerned about the details? Don't be. From selecting the right bike and gear to ensuring all logistics are handled, we make planning your custom tour interesting. 

All you have to do is enjoy the ride!

and we will contact you with all the details

Your Perfect Ride Awaits

Whether you're a solo adventurer or a duo on an island run, our motorcycles are optimized for comfort, performance, and safety. Each one comes with full luggage systems and crash protection, ensuring that nothing stops your adventure. Choose from our meticulously maintained fleet, each with its own character and charm and story. We know them by name, for a reason!

Honda CBF 600SA

Why change a winning team?

We bet this is what the design team at Honda thought in 2007 when they updated their popular CBF by placing a tamed version of her cousin's heart, the CBR, in the frame.

The result is an engine / gearbox combo that is smooth as silk and exploitable, to power an easy-to-ride, nimble and comfy bike.

No bells and whistles, just the essential on this reliable middleweight with a neutral riding position that will accommodate shorter legs with ease!

Our little girl is equipped with a RD Moto crash cage and 120L of storage and a comfy backrest.

Engine: 599cc
Power: 77 bhp
Torque: 58 Nm
Weight: 221 kg (dry, without add-ons)
Seat Height: 785 mm
Storage: Shad SH36 panniers + Shad SH48 top case
Safety Deposit: Required for riders

Starting at €175

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom

Suzuki did it again in 2002... "Did what", we hear you say?

Adding a name to the list everybody knows: V-Strom.
That's what happened when they used the engine from the sporty SV 1000, with its racing origins, retuned it and placed it in their new road-biased adventure tourer.

Ours is an updated first generation. The torquey big 90° twin will surely bring you some smiles, combined with wide handlebars, an upright position, a comfy lower seat from the 650 in a bike boasting great stability and a surprising ease of use !

Our big girl is equipped with a RD Moto crash cage and 127L of storage comfy backrest.

Engine: 996 cc
Power: 98 bhp
Torque: 101 Nm
Weight: 207 kg (dry, without add-ons)
Seat Height: 820 mm
Storage: Kappa K40N panniers + Kappa K49NT top case
Safety Deposit: Required for riders

Starting at €195

Suzuki GSX 1400

Here she is. The pure-bred Japanese muscle bike.
Suzuki created this one-off model, directly inspired from the original superbikes of the 70’s and 80’s.

The big bruiser surely is a head turner and, more importantly, catches the attention of the people around it, which is a plus, considering it is our guide’s bike and that she opens the ride.

Take place on the passenger seat of this modern classic bike, boasting a lot of character, with one side of her personality as a gentle and mellow tourer, while the other side packs a serious punch!

Engine: 1402 cc
106 bhp
126 Nm
228 kg (dry)
Safety Deposit:
Not required for passengers

This bike is for passengers only!

Starting at €185

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Your guide

Hi, I'm Seb!

I'll be your personal guide on any of our tours. I'm here to assist you in planning your Mauritian experience and accompany you in all steps of the way. Driven by sheer passion for motorcycles and - more importantly - my native island, I figured combining the two could be a good idea.

I invite you to experience my little rock, the best way I know how.

Sebastien Doherty Bigara


We work with a small, hand-picked team of riders to assist us on tours when necessary.

And we exclusively work with people to whom we could hand the key of any bike without blinking.

We're bonded together by our camaraderie and true passion for two wheelers. We're fairly certain this is doing to show.

Why choose the Island Ride?

Not a rental, but much more

Why settle for a simple bike rental when you can get a fully guided experience for a similar price? From the ride to the guide, equipment and refreshments, we ensure that everything’s included.

A fresh perspective over Mauritius

With its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, Mauritius offers a fantastic backdrop for a motorbike touring experience. Whether this is your first time visiting or you're returning, we know how to make it different.

Some of our Google reviews

“Incredible experience! The service was exceptional, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I would undoubtedly come back for another tour in the future. Thank you Seb for making it a memorable adventure!”

— JB

“A superb, unforgettable adventure with a discovery of Mauritius from a unique angle. Even the little rain that we had at one point only enriched the experience with laughter and good humor! I recommend without any hesitation, whether you are a biker or not, everyone will find what they are looking for! Thanks to Seb and his team.”

—  DC

“This fella does such a great job of taking you around Mauritius on a motorcycle tour. His knowledge of the local areas we visited was superb and my safety was always paramount. Great bike (VStrom 1000) in brilliant condition. Headsets that were crystal clear at all times allowed for good communication. Sebastien has a winning business, don’t hesitate to book one of these experiences to see the island paradise that Mauritius truly is. You will not regret it.”

— SB

“Very good experience! The guide is super nice and was able to adapt the tour according to what I wanted to see but also according to the weather. He explains lots of little stories about Mauritius and the places we pass by. A day that will mark my stay in Mauritius!”

—  MM

and inclusive

No hidden fees, no surprises. Check out our comprehensive packages in the Bikes Section for all-inclusive pricing details.

Contact us

Sebastien Doherty Bigara
(+230) 5515 5515 (also on whatsapp)

Frequently Asked Questions

In which currency can I pay?
We have accounts in Mauritian Rupees and Euro, it's up to your preference.

Do I need a license to book a tour?
No, we also cater to passengers.
However, if you have a license and you want to ride any of the bikes, it has to be an appropriate one for the respective bike capacity.

How many people can join a group?
Between 1 and 5 people. For 5 people, 2 of them have to have an appropriate motorcycle license.

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